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At Hermitage Farm,  Healing Practitioners  are certified in healing modalities. They are passionate about helping others integrate self-healing to live fuller lives of spiritual integration of the mind, body, and spirit. 

The practitioners at Hermitage Farm are skilled in their area of expertise. Click on the treatment to learn more  and how to schedule an appointment. Check out our calendar to see daily activities at Hermitage Farm.

AromatherapyUtilizes essential oils can be used to shift moods, relieve pain, facilitate healing of cuts and burns, and improve nutrition. Aromatherapy is integrated into several healing modalities. 

Energy medicineTransform Your Life through Energy Medicine is a program of psycho-spiritual techniques and processes which address the energetic health of an individual.

Feldenkrais Teaches (through gentle movement lessons) how to improve overall use of self, posture, flexibility and coordination.

Integrative Guided Imageryan interactive, client-centered approach aimed at evoking your inner healing resources and enabling you to develop a greater self-awareness, increased autonomy and an enhanced sense of personal empowerment.

MeditationMindfulness or Insight Meditation is a spiritual process which brings clarity and wakefulness to the mind-body-spirit. Individual instructions on meditation and  a Four-Part Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is offered.

Reiki A holistic, natural, hands-on energy healing system that has profound effects on the body, mind and spirit. 

REIKI SHARE, First Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM. Join other Reiki practitioners and students for an evening of giving and receiving Reiki. Reiki share is fun, educational and rewarding. A typical evening includes distance healing circle as well as group healing for each participant. Individuals with all levels of Reiki experience are invited. There is no charge for this event, however, a donation to the center is appreciated. In addition to Reiki Certification Workshops.

Spiritual DirectionSpiritual Direction is a trained professional who companions to those seeking to deepen their relationship with the Divine.

Shamanic Healing -Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing tradition known to humankind. A shamanic practitioner works with helping spirits and the natural world for the purpose of healing and restoring spiritual power to the individual. The practice of shamanic healing identifies three main causes of illness and disease:

  1. Loss of power
  2. Spiritual intrusion
  3. Soul loss

Shamanic healing typically involves one of two things:

* Putting something back that has been lost and needs to be recovered

* Removing energy that has been taken on and needs to be released

Shamanic Healing techniques include extraction of unwanted energies, soul retrieval, where the shaman retrieves soul parts that may have been lost due to trauma, and power animal retrieval resulting in a return of spiritual power to the individual. Shamanic healing may also include healing ancestral issues and patterns

Therapeutic Massage – Several different kinds of healing modalities are integrated into a therapeutic massage.

Whole Health CoachingA professional health relationship which promotes the healthy well-being of the whole person; mind, body, spirit, and emotion. Health Coaching is integrated into Stress Management Consultations.