A Path to Awakening

Shamanism is perhaps the oldest spiritual path for awakening, healing and divination, holding the belief that all life is sacred and all things are connected through Spirit.

It utilizes nature as a teacher to gain knowledge and guidance to help others and to bring peace and harmony to the community. Working with the spirit of animals, plants, rocks and the elements, the shaman learns to expand her consciousness and create balance and harmony.

Shamans are said to walk between two worlds. Through journeying and by entering altered states of consciousness, the shaman operates in non-ordinary reality to connect with spirit helpers, gaining the information needed to help facilitate healing for herself and others.

By performing ceremonial rituals, the shaman brings the energies of spirit into the physical world amplifying the power of healing. Some of the tools of the shaman include the drum, rattle, pipe, stones and herbs.

The Journey

The journey is the method used by shamans to access altered states of consciousness. It is during the journey that the shaman finds answers to life’s problems, retrieves lost items, meets power animals and gains knowledge from other spirit teachers.

Power Animals

Power animals are spirit helpers in animal form that teach us about ourselves, help us heal and give us power and strength to handle life’s opportunities and challenges.

Each animal spirit has its own medicine, talents, power and lessons. Some animal spirits will be with you your entire life, while others will come and go as they are needed. Discovering your power animal and maintaining an on-going relationship with it awakens you to your connection with nature and your earthly mission.

Shamanic Treatment Offerings:

  1. Extraction of negative energies
  2. Soul Retrieval
  3. Power Animal Retrieval
  4. Shamanic Ceremonial Healing


  1. Introduction to Journeying
  2. Introduction to Basic Shamanism

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