Margaret Mulligan

Margaret Mulligan

As a Spiritual Director I am a holy listener who creates a safe place to reflect, ponder and companion with you and your sacred story. I listen with you to pay attention to the movements of Spirit within. 

I support you in discerning the path of growth in your daily spiritual life. There are manybenefits to spiritual direction; Acknowledge the Sacred in your life; Share your story without judgment or expectation, Ask deeper questions and search for answers without concern for the right answer, Be open to the Spirit within you and in the world, Take time to listen inwardly, Be present with no expectations, Be affirmed and celebrated, Come to know the Sacred movements of your life story. I also offer Bio Spiritual Focusing as an aide to discovering and healing issues that reside inside the body.

“BioSpiritual Focusing is a simple, practical process that re-awakens your ability to allow the gift of your body’s wisdom to guide you into greater wholeness. It is more than just “thinking” or “feeling.” It is “felt-sensing” unique personal meanings and directions that come from deep inside you. This requires time, patience, and willingness to develop the habit of felt sensing.”


I enjoy life with my husband, my three adult children and my extended family. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling,sewing, gardening, and reading. My life experiences include parenting, ministry with women and youth in a parish setting both professionally and as avolunteer. 

I received my training for Spiritual Direction from Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality in St. Paul, MN. I have a degree in Social Work and a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry from St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN and training in Bio Spiritual Focusing