Lisa Vangetson

Lisa Van Getson RN, MSN, FNP-BC, DNP (c)

My name is Lisa Van Getson and I have the privilege of being the Foundress of Hermitage Farm Center for Healing. I am most honored to be among many Healing Arts Practitioners who hold the same dream and vision of healing the mind-body-spirit in complementary alternatives ways of healing. My professional life has included 28 years of nursing and as a Family Nurse Practitioner I have dedicated my career in a cardiovascular surgery specialty at Mayo Clinic Rochester. I am a trained Clinical Medical Ethicist and have a Master’s Degree in Theology and Spirituality. Throughout my career, my patients have really been my ‘best teachers.’ I have learned that integrated in a complex body of illness, the soul struggles to find a physical and spiritual balance to heal. The soul longs to experience healing and peace in the midst of uncertainty and pain. I have also learned that healthcare providers long for healing and peace in a busy and complicated healthcare environment. Integrating spirituality into healthcare should be as natural as making daily ‘patient rounds.’ My training in Whole Health Education™ and Health Coaching has affirmed my passion to help clients learn how to manage stress in daily life. I have developed a 6-12 week program in Holistic Stress Management and integrate this into my Health Coaching Practice. I also have a particular passion in helping clients manage chronic illness: anxiety, spiritual distress, grief and cardiovascular disease. And so, the dream of Hermitage Farm came to be through a passion of longing to teach people about peace and balance! I feel called to be an instrument of peace… I am a Peace Maker. I believe we all have the capacity to heal the imbalances in our mind-body-spirit which cause illness. My vision is to teach and provide a healing environment where individuals can experience the beauty of healing. I believe we are co-creators in expanding the consciousness of God. By expanding the consciousness of God, we create inner harmony and world peace. In the depths of inner peace, we are awakened to our capacity of creating a peaceful apapers sustainable future. May you walk in Peace and Beauty, Lisa Marie Email Lisa: