Emily Coldirons

At my core, I am a helper, an Enneagram 2 if you will. The majority of the roles in my life involve service to others – a daughter of God, a wife, a mother, a nurse practitioner. I give. It’s what I do. And three years ago, I lost myself. I realized that amongst the responsibilities of caring for 3 young babes and my list of critical care patients in the ICU following open heart surgery, I had forgotten the most fundamental of tasks….. to fill my cup before pouring into others.
Through a series of God winks, it was clear that I needed to make time for exercise and fitness in my day in order to be mentally and physically strong enough to care for all those in my life who depended on me. I had always been a runner but the treadmill offered me no appeal and the thought of ever getting out of the house to workout at the gym was next to impossible. Thankfully, Beachbody found me. I began working out daily in my basement, overhauled my nutrition and fell in love with the community of like-minded women. It wasn’t long before I was sharing my story with everyone. It was like a light switch flipped! I realized first hand that it was possible to make time each day to take care of myself….. and that it was absolutely necessary!
What began as a personal mission to rediscover myself beyond the spit up, gold fish crackers, and a roller-coaster of Mom-guilt/anxiety….. suddenly became something bigger. I was happier, more self-confident, had more energy and felt HOPE that anything was possible! I had discovered something special and I HAD to share it with others!
Coaching is an incredible gift. I am able to incorporate my nursing profession, my love of health and fitness, and my desire to help others into one thing. A “thing” that I actually never knew that I have always needed. It is safe to say that my team of amazing women have become one of the greatest unexpected blessings in my life. And I can’t  imagine my life without it!
I truly believe that health is wealth and there is no greater purpose than working hard every day to live my best life and help others to do the same. If you are looking for more…. I am here, ready to help.