Ancient Rainbow Conscious

ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing)

Founded by Laurie Grant, Kahuna Ho’okahi

What is ARCH (an excerpt from Laurie’s book, Kahuna ARCH Healing, A Bridge Back to Oneness)

Essentially, it is an ancient way of using Divine Source energy for healing and transformation and for guiding people back to Oneness. “ARCH” is an acronym for “Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing,” specific words I received in meditation for describing the healing system I was privileged to recover.

 My own healing took place in Hawaii, and a deep soul connection with Hawaiian spirituality set the course for my work. As Ku Kahuna Lokahi says, he believes ARCH goes “back to the time when Kahuna practiced without herbs and medicine and did unbelievable healing of great magnitude through the ‘Spiritual Realm.'” However, although ARCH knowledge came to me through Hawaiian tradition, I know that it is not just Hawaiian spirituality. It is Universal.

ARCH offers powerful healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Though it is not a religion, ARCH holds a lifesaving, life-enhancing message: You are One with the Divine Source, and therefore limitless and powerful. You share in Divine Source energy, and you have access to the sacred and to healing. All you need to do is remember your true self. ARCH helps you remember your Divine Essence.

Components of ARCH

Ancient. ARCH accesses centuries old shamanic healing techniques and the knowledge of the Kahuna, the shaman priests of Old Hawaii. Going back millennia, ARCH recovers wisdom that was kept alive by the Rainbow People. This knowledge originally comes from a place beyond space and time.

Rainbow. ARCH uses the full spectrum of colors in rainbow light to promote healing, and this light comes directly from the Divine Source. As a symbol, the rainbow represents the bridge that connects you to your Source.

 The Rainbow People were ancient beings who knew their Oneness with the Divine Source, and were the first to live the principles of ARCH. They committed many lifetimes to help people of all different cultures and races to remember their true spiritual nature.

Conscious. ARCH helps you discover the origins of illness and promotes a “conscious” approach to getting well. ARCH practitioners learn a new way of living. So much is possible when you honor your body and wake up to your divine nature. You open your heart to love, your spirit to bliss, and your body to healing. Your energy is free to move toward your highest good, to create miracles.

Healing. ARCH healing not only goes to the roots of illness, it removes the energy blockages that are responsible for dis-ease. It can create dramatic and instant changes in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions.

 When you believe you are separate from your Source, you allow in dis-ease. ARCH creates a space where healing can occur and reconnect you to your Divine Source. In the years since ARCH was rediscovered, people all over the world have benefited from this incredible healing.

ARCH. The four words I received from Spirit formed another word with profound meaning. The arch represents the bridge of rainbow light that you cross on your journey back to Oneness with the Divine Source. I learned that the Hawaiian petroglyph of an arch symbolizes the Divine. In meditation, I discovered that in their rituals, the ancient Rainbow People used the imagery of the arched bridge to symbolize transformation.