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Note: Registrations Forms are at the bottom of the brochure or Click Here to register online. REGISTRATIONS FOR ALL WORKSHOPS NEED TO BE RECEIVED ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE WORKSHOP - Make checks payable to the individual offering the workshop.

You are now able to register through Schedulicity.

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Workshops for 2019

January 2019

Reiki Share - January 2nd
Drumming Circle - January 11th
Introduction to Shamanism - January 12th
Shamanic Meetup - January 23rd

Workout Wednesdays - January 23rd

February 2019

Reiki Share - February 6th
Drumming Circle - February 8th
Introduction to Shamanism - February 9th
Workout Wednesdays - February 13th
Sister Seekers Spiritual Retreat - February 19th
Shamanic Meetup - February 27th

March 2019

Reiki Share - March 6th
Drumming Circle - March 8th
Move It Monday - March 11th
Reiki I Certificate - March 23rd
Reiki II Certificate - March 24th
Shamanic Meetup - March 27th

April 2019

Reiki Share - Aril 3rd
Move It Monday - April 8th
Feldenkrais - April 11th

Drumming Circle - April 12th
Feldenkrais - April 18th
Shamanic Meetup - April 24th

Feldenkrais - April 25th
Reiki Retreat (for all levels of Reiki) - April 27th

May 2019

Reiki Share - May 1st
Reiki Advanced Practitioner Training - May 4th
Drumming Circle - May 10th
Move It Monday - May 13th
Feldenkrais - May 16th
Shamanic Meetup - May 22nd
Feldenkrais - May 23rd

June 2019

Reiki Share - June 5th
Feldenkrais - June 13th
Drumming Circle - June 14th
Feldenkrais - June 20th
Shamanic Meetup - June 26th

July 2019

Reiki Share - July 3rd
Feldenkrais - July 11th
Drumming Circle - July 12th
Sister Seekers - Power Animals and Journeying - July 17th
Feldenkrais - July 18th
Shamanic Meetup - July 24th

August 2019

Reiki Share - August 7th
Drumming Circle - August 9th
Feldenkrais - August 15th
Sister Seekers - Communicating with Guardian Angels - August 21st
Shamanic Meetup - August 28th

September 2019

Reiki Share - September 4th
Feldenkrais - September 12th
Drumming Circle - September 13th
Feldenkrais - September 19th
Shamanic Meetup - September 25th

October 2019

Reiki Share - October 2nd
Drumming Circle - October 11th
Shamanic Meetup - October 23rd
Feldenkrais - October 24th

November 2019

Reiki Share - November 6th
Drumming Circle - November 8th
Feldenkrais - November 11th
Reiki I and II Certificate - November 16-17th
Feldenkrais - November 21st
Shamanic Meetup - November 27th

December 2019

Reiki Share - December 4th
Feldenkrais - December 5th
Drumming Circle - December 13th
Feldenkrais - December 19th

January 2020

Reiki Advanced Practitioner Training - January 18th

February 2020

Sister Seekers - Intuitive You - February 8th

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