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Mary Ruth

Mary R. Ruth, M.S., Counseling Psychology, has specialized in imagery for healing and hypnosis since graduate school in 1984. She is a clinical hypnotherapist primarily focusing on Alchemical Hypnotherapeutic techniques. She also is a Reconception practitioner and a HypnoBirthing educator. She sometimes uses Gestalt techniques, art and movement therapy, journal therapy, shamanic methods, and laugh therapy. She brings years of experience in working with people who are pioneering in their inner world plus years of experience as a provider at Pathways of Minneapolis since 1989, an innovative and pioneering health crisis resource center that set the stage for The Dept. of Health and Spirituality at the U of MN Medical School, and other holistic health care programs in the Twin Cities.

Mary R. Ruth, M.S., provides individual sessions. Imagery, relaxation, and hypnotherapeutic methods are used to enhance self-knowledge for the purpose of changing and clearing patterns of thinking and behavior that tend to be negative or are outworn in one's life. Explore your inner world and move toward healthy living, love, and lightness. Come into your own being.

For people with a life-threatening illness she reminds people that they are not their diagnosis - change is the only constant in life and to choose to live well no matter what set of seemingly static conditions are happening brings peace on a daily basis. She will assist people in focusing on living well by contacting their inner healing impetus present in the subconscious mind. Weeding out the old in the garden within is a good thing.

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