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Laura Wentworth RN, MS, ACNS-BC, DNP (C)

Professional Mission Statement: I have worked in health care for 29 years as a nurse. I have a Master's of Science in nursing as a certified Clinical Nurse Specialist. I am current pursuing a Doctorate in Nursing Practice with a focus on transcultural holistic nursing. I am a healing arts student and practitioner. My training is in Whole Health Education and Coaching™. The whole health approach to care consisting of utilizing one to one holistic coaching skills to explore the cause and effect of health and disease and work together with clients on health related goals.

The foundation for my work is utilizing evidence based medical, natural practices and holistic health principals to deliver an integrated teaching/coaching format to clients. This type of coaching invites you into the process of your own healing and self care.

I also am trained in Reiki.

My holistic practice vision for healing is to guide others to see that we are whole and to recognize how we can integrate the five elements of being, physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional and environmental into our healing.

Hermitage Farm Rochester MN
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