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Francis Gurtz & Colette Miller

Colette is a retired pre-school teacher & now is an Educational Therapist for dyslexic children. Francis is a retired mechanical designer and a "semi-retired" piano tuner/technician.

They have had long-time interests in the Dances of Universal Peace and in Early American "shape note" singing. They have also studied improvisational singing with Bobby McFerrin, sound healing with Don Campbell, and chanting with Robert Gass. They have recently founded the Prairie Heart Singers, a hospice choir connected with Seasons Hospice in Rochester.

Colette & Francis have been leading & accompanying the Dances since 1998. Francis has led or co-led week-long workshops on Sound & Spirit, the Sacred Labyrinth, and the Dances. He was also the founder of the Vocal Healing Sound Project, an experimental acapella singing group in St. Paul.

Their vision at Hermitage Farm is to lead a monthly gathering for the Dances of Universal Peace - to help us open our hearts, deepen our spirituality, and rise above the illusion that we are separate from each other, the Earth, and the Divine. Francis is also happy to lead gatherings for sound or singing-related activities as desired by the community - as a means to connect with each other & with Spirit.

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